Indonesians kill and eat giant python following attack on local security guard

A giant python in Indonesia was eaten by villagers after the snake attacked one of its locals.

Security guard Robert Nababan encountered the snake on a palm oil plantation road in Sumatra's remote Batang Gansal district on Saturday.

Mr Nababan tried to catch the python, reports say, which was 7.8m (26ft) long.

The snake attacked Mr Nababan, injuring his left arm, before he killed it with the help of other villagers.

He was rushed to hospital in neighbouring Pekanbaru city for treatment where he is still recovering, according to Elinaryon, head of the Batang Gansal district government.

Locals later killed the snake and displayed its body in the village before dicing it up, frying it and feasting on it.

Mr Nababan told Indonesian news outlet Detik: "I tried to catch it, my hand was bitten, and I managed to wrestle it."

The 37-year-old did not give an exact reason for why he tried to catch the python, but said there were villagers who could not cross the road because of the snake.

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