'I gotta get out of this!' - TV station evacuates and reporters struggle to broadcast live from Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has made landfall on the east coast of the US, but not everybody is leaving the area.

As most people have either been evacuated or are staying indoors to shelter from the incoming hurricane, reporters from the US news channels are out in the middle of things doing their job.

Reporting from North Carolina Beach in the eye of the storm, Jeff Flock had a tough time staying upright as he made his piece to camera.

As his colleague in the Fox News studios said: "It's getting bad again."

Meanwhile, CNN’s John Berman was reporting from Wilmington when his cable got severed by the storm, interrupting his report from the hurricane.

The rain-soaked reporter was undeterred however and got communications back up again, saying: "My cord just literally split in two, I have the connector right now, I had to plug it back in.

"My cord is in my hand right now… some duct tape might be helpful."

Ted from ABC7 also had trouble being heard, but it was nothing to do with his equipment.

As Ted persevered in the heavy downpours in Wilmington, his report was literally drowned out by the sound of the raindrops being whipped up by the winds.

As for CNN's Derek Van Dam, well, "whoa!".

His namesake, Jean-Claude would find it hard to stay out in that.

Reporters inside didn't escape the destruction either as a TV station had to evacuate its newsroom in the middle of coverage of the hurricane.

Staff at New Bern's WCTI-TV NewsChannel 12 had to abandon their studio after roads around the building began flooding.

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