Homeless man who spent last cash to help stuck driver buys house with donations

A homeless man who used his last 20 dollars to fill up the car of a stranded motorist in Philadelphia has bought a home with some of the nearly $400,000 raised for him by the woman he helped.

Johnny Bobbitt Jr said on his GoFundMe page that he bought a home over the weekend.

Kate McClure, of Florence Township, New Jersey, ran out of petrol on an Interstate 95 exit ramp late one night.

Mr Bobbitt walked a few streets to buy her fuel.

She did not have money to repay the Marine veteran, so she created the online fundraiser page as a thank you.

The fundraiser has raised more than 397,000 dollars.

Mr Bobbitt said he is donating some of his money to a school student who is helping another homeless veteran.

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