Heroic teacher's actions see three-year-old-girl emerge as sole survivor in Russia plane crash, reports

A three-year-old girl is reported to be the lone survivor of a plane crash in eastern Russia.

A teacher named Olga Laponnikova is believed to have saved the child by covering her with her body, according to Ruptly.

Ms Lapponnikova was among five passengers and two crew members who died in the crash.

Locals are now asking for a posthumous award for the teacher who is survived by her husband and two sons.

The plane is reported to have plummeted 600 metres during landing.

The three-year-old girl, Zhasmina Leontyeva, is currently in hospital in a stable condition awaiting surgery.

Ruptly spoke to the girl's grandmother, Elena, in the regional hospital.

"In the night, she asked me, 'Where is everyone?' ‘Gone home,’ I told her," Elena said.

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