Here's why you should NEVER give a monkey the middle finger

Never EVER show a monkey your middle finger.

Especially when you are in the Shimla region in India, where monkeys are widely feared. Don’t believe us? Maybe this video will prove otherwise.

Footage captured on a CCTV camera near an office in Shimla, shows a young man wearing a bright green rucksack walking past a monkey.

He stops to give the monkey a middle finger, believing he’ll get away with the rude gesture.

But the monkey is having none of it and decides it’s time to lunge at the man. After all, how dare he show him the worst possible finger?

This unexpected reaction takes the man by surprise and sends him sprawling to the ground.

Although unharmed, the man looks completely bewildered by the monkey’s aggressive attack, as he lies on the ground for a few moments while the animal returns to his perch.

After convinced he’s feeling okay, the man finally stands up and walks away leaving his jumper behind.

His friend is left to pick up the garment was the man walks away from a rather humiliating incident.

Monkeys in India are known for their intrusive behaviour and have been a menace to the locals.

They are known to stealing food, rummaging through people’s belongings and ransacking people’s houses, often collecting items of value, such as keys, mobile phones and cameras.

Now if you are ever in Shimla and you come across a monkey, you know what to do – or more importantly, what NOT to do.