Graphic: The economics of the Catalan crisis

While Catalonia makes a substantial contribution to the overall Spanish economy, generating more than €223 billion last year, it pays about €10 billion more in taxes to Madrid than it gets back.

Catalonia accounted for 20.1 percent of Spain’s gross domestic product (GDP) last year, with its GDP per capita averaging €29,966 euro ($34,866), slightly behind the EU average of €31,600 but well ahead of Spain’s overall GDP per capita of €24,000.

Catalonia is by far Spain’s top exporting region, with 25.8 percent of all goods produced there sold abroad last year.

However, Catalonia’s public debt of €79.2bn represents 35.4 percent of its GDP, which made it the third-most indebted region in Spain in 2016, after Valencia and Castilla La Mancha.

Check out the graphic below for a summary of the economics of the Catalan crisis.

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