German mass grave feared to be Nazi victims

Building workers have uncovered at least 36 bodies in the central German city of Kassel believed to be the remains of slave workers from a Nazi arms factory.

The first four skeletons were found last week at a construction site at the University of Kassel, the rest this week.

“It could well be that more skeletons will be found,” said a police spokesman. “We are prepared for anything.”

Initial exams by the coroners’ office show the corpses are somewhere between 50 and 100 years old.

The area where they were found was home to a factory that built trains and tanks during the Second World War, where thousands of slave labourers were forced to work by the Nazis.

It is also known that in other areas of Kassel the SS shot and hastily buried other victims in the final days of the war.

Still, there have been no reports of mass murders on the site of the new discovery, he added.

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