French girl (14) attacked by swarm of rats as she slept

A disabled teenager has been left covered with rat bites after they attacked her in her sleep in northern France.

The 14-year-old paraplegic- who can't move her legs - suffered more than 200 wounds last week near Lille.

The girl was sleeping on the ground of an apartment in Roubaix when a pack of rats swarmed into her bedroom.

Her father is suing the landlord for negligence, and has filed a complaint to the local council for not clearing rubbish that was overflowing nearby.

The father reportedly found the girl drenched in blood last Saturday when it happened.

"There was blood coming from her ears - I was terrified that she might have had a brain haemorrhage," he said told local newspaper Courrier-Picard.

He said that some of her fingertips were bitten off, leaving surgeons unable to repair them.

The family is said to have been moved to a different house and police are investigating the attack.

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