For an additional 20p, Gett can now make your ride carbon neutral

Gett, an app for booking black cabs, is now offering carbon-neutral rides as part of its effort to help reduce emissions.

The ride-sharing app is giving its London customers an option to make a voluntary donation of 20p every time they book a cab, which will then be used to fund various projects aimed at cutting carbon footprint.

Gett users willing to contribute to the company’s “carbon positive” initiative can pay the additional cost by selecting Gett Green on the app when making a booking.

The company says a portion of the funds raised will be donated to the 12 schools in central London identified in a series of audits by the Mayor of London as the city’s worst polluted schools.

The audits, conducted by global engineering consultancy WSP which spent three months in schools assessing indoor and outdoor air pollution sources, have made recommendations to reduce emissions and exposure to nitrogen dioxide around London’s schools.

In addition, Gett is also investing in carbon reduction projects backed by Carbon Clear – a consultancy which helps organisations reduce their environmental impact – with the aim to offset 7,500 tonnes of CO2 it expects to produce in the coming 12 months.

Other investments from the company include a Wind Power Generation project in India and the Madre de Dios Project in the Peruvian Amazon to help reduce deforestation.

Matteo de Renzi, UK chief executive of Gett, said: “Air quality is increasingly becoming more of an issue, not just in London, but across the UK.

“By offsetting the CO2 our UK rides produce, we will positively impact multiple climate projects across the globe.”

- Press Association

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