Egypt in second day of voting

Ahmed Shafiq

Egyptians are choosing between a conservative Islamist and Hosni Mubarak’s ex-prime minister in a second day of a presidential run-off that has been overshadowed by the domination of the country’s military.

Going head-to-head in the runoff are Ahmed Shafiq, a long-time friend and self-confessed admirer of Mubarak, and Mohammed Morsi of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood.

The Saturday-Sunday vote followed a week of political drama in which the military announced de facto martial rule and judges appointed by Mubarak before his ouster dissolved the freely elected, Islamist-dominated parliament.

The generals who took over from Mubarak 16 months ago are expected this week to spell out the powers of the new president and appoint a 100-member panel to draft a new constitution.

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