Diana 'on the pill' when she died

Diana, Princess of Wales, was on the contraceptive pill when she died, it emerged today.

The inquest into her death revealed the evidence as the jurors were told that they would hear intimate details of the Princess’s personal life in the coming weeks.

Exploring allegations that Diana was pregnant when she was killed, Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker remarked: “No indication was given on pregnancy by Diana to her doctor, family, friends or associates.”

He said no pregnancy test was carried out on Diana as medical teams battled to save her.

“No pregnancy test was carried out when the doctors were trying to save Diana,” Lord Justice Scott Baker said.

“There was no reason to and, if anything, there were far more important things to do.”

A British Home Office pathologist who carried out a full post-mortem in the UK saw no signs of pregnancy, the jury was told.

Lord Justice Scott Baker added: “You will also hear evidence that Diana was taking a contraceptive pill.”

He went on: “It is likely that pregnancy is a matter that cannot be proved one way or the other in scientific terms in this case.

“You will, of course, consider the scientific evidence, such as it is, but you will also hear evidence from several sources about what Diana had to say to her friends, and intimate details of her personal life.”

A healer, Myriah Daniels, who was on Mohamed al Fayed’s yacht with the Princess, said Diana had remarked about a newspaper report saying she was expecting: “Now they have me pregnant”, the coroner said.

It has been alleged that MI6 was monitoring the Princess’s calls and learned she was pregnant by this method.

The jury heard that Harrods owner Mr Al Fayed claims he found out Diana was pregnant after receiving a call on the afternoon of August 30, 1997.

But Lord Justice Scott Baker told them: “You will have to consider whether Diana made a telephone call which alerted the authorities to her alleged pregnancy.”

The coroner said the question of whether Diana was pregnant, or even suspected she could be, was relevant in two ways.

“First, her pregnancy or suspected pregnancy is said to have provided the motive or part of the motive for killing Diana,” he told the jury.

“Second, her body was embalmed by the French and it is said that the purpose of this was to conceal that she was pregnant.”

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