Businessman sues Google over 'data breach'

Google has been sued by a businessman in England who says he has suffered damage and distress because internet users have had access to “sensitive personal data”.

The businessman wants a judge to order Google to block access to information about him.

He has alleged a breach of data protection legislation and wants damages.

Detail of the businessman’s complaints has been outlined in a written claim form filed at the High Court in London.

The businessman is identified only as “NT2”.

A lawyer has outlined allegations on the businessman’s behalf.

The businessman claims that internet users can access information about him via a Google search of his name.

He says some of the information is inaccurate and he said the “processing” of “sensitive personal data” and “personal data” is “manifestly and grossly unfair”.

The businessman says some financial institutions “remain unwilling to deal with him” on private or commercial business “in the light of his profile as portrayed by a simple internet search” using the Google search engine.

He claims that under data protection legislation Google is the “data controller” of published sensitive information accessible via a Google search.

The businessman says lawyers have asked Google to “cease processing” information relating to him.

His claim form says Google has “not complied”.

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