Bernie Sanders urges Donald Trump to ditch 'unacceptable' Bannon appointment

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has called on Donald Trump to rescind his White House appointment of Stephen Bannon and keep his campaign promises to the middle class.

Sanders told a sold-out crowd of students at George Washington University that he was disappointed with the outcome of the election, but said it is the job of progressives to hold the president-elect to his promises to help working class Americans.

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Sanders, who lost out to Hillary Clinton in the bid to become the Democratic candidate, discussed his new book, The Revolution, and challenged Trump over his views on climate change.

He also called on Trump to pull back his recent appointment of Bannon – a Breitbart News executive – as a top White House strategist. The move has drawn much anger from critics who say Bannon is racist, sexist and anti-Semitic.

Sanders branded the appointment “totally unacceptable”.

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