Belgian and German police carry out raids against Islamic extremists

Police in Belgium and Germany have carried out raids on several premises linked to Islamic extremists, including the Islamic State group.

Ten people have been arrested during a series of raids in Brussels linked to a recruiting network for Islamic State.

Belgium's federal prosecutor's office said in a statement today that nine raids were carried out in four suburbs, including the Molenbeek area where many extremists have stayed.

Computer material and mobile telephones were seized during the raids and are currently being examined.

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The statement said the police action has helped "to establish that several people have probably gone to Syria to join Islamic State".

A judge is due to decide later on Tuesday whether those detained should be charged.

The raids are not linked to the deadly attacks in Paris last year.

In Germany, police have raided several homes linked to an Islamic extremist group in the northern city of Bremen.

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The dpa news agency reported that the raids early this morning follow a decision by the city-state's top security official banning the group Islamischer Foerderverein Bremen.

It is considered the successor to a previously banned extremist organisation whose members had fought for the Islamic State group in Syria.

Authorities planned to hold a news conference about the raids later today.

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