Another fatal bus crashes in Pakistan

Two separate bus crashes killed at least 21 people in quake-stricken northern Pakistan today, a police official said, posing new difficulties for emergency workers in a region where more than 86,000 people died in last month’s disaster.

Eleven people died and nine were injured when a bus careered off a bridge and into a gorge near the town of Rawla Kot, police spokesman Shahid Hassan Quereshi said.

That came just hours after at least ten people died and an unknown number were injured when another bus fell into the Neelum River while travelling along a road just cleared of landslides, Quereshi said.

The bus fell several yards into the river at Ghori, about 10 miles from Muzaffarabad, the capital of the Pakistan-controlled section of Kashmir.

Three bodies have so far been pulled from the wreck, said Shahid Hassan Quereshi, a Kashmiri police official.

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