'A miracle': Brazilian baby shot while in womb survives

A Brazilian baby that was shot while still in the womb has survived.

His mother was nine-months pregnant when a stray bullet hit her as she passed by a gunfight in Rio de Janeiro.

The bullet entered through her hip.

File photo.

She had been shopping for nappies.

BBC reports that the baby, Arthur, was born in an emergency caesarean.

He is paraplegic but there is hope that he will make some recovery.

Gynaecologist José Carlos Oliveira told the BBC that his survival is "a miracle happening before our eyes".

"Today, he is paraplegic, but anything can happen in the life of this child," he told them.

Baby Arthur's mother also spoke to the BBC. She said that "the relatives here are all praying together".

She is in a stable condition and is reported to be breathing without aid.

The case is currently under investigation.

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By Claire Anderson

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