9 facts about elephants this #WorldElephantDay

It’s #WorldElephantDay, a time to celebrate the magificient creatures who are sadly in danger and under threat of extinction.

We’ve put together nine facts (accompanied with cute pictures) about elephants to help you get to know them a little better.

1. There are two kinds of elephant – Asian and African. African elephants have much bigger ears.

(Jens Meyer/AP)

2. Elephants have the longest pregnancy of any mammal – almost 22 months!

(Sue Ogrocki/AP)

3. An elephant’s trunk is extremely versatile – they can hold litres of water, grasp and hold things, breathe and make noise with it.

(Jens Meyer/AP)

4. Asian elephants are more closely related to the extinct woolly mammoth than they are to the African elephant.

(Aijaz Rahi/AP)

5. In 2015, at least 20,000 elephants were killed for their ivory tusks. That’s more than were born.

(Ben Curtis/AP)

6. Asian elephants are endangered and African elephants are vulnerable – though poaching is illegal, it is still common.

(Natacha Pisarenko/AP)

7. The head of the elephant herd in the Jungle Book is called Colonel Haithi.

8. The word elephant probably comes from the Ancient Greek word elephas, meaning ivory.

(Peter Byrne/PA)

9. They need a lot of room – elephants can roam areas bigger than 30,000 sq km.

(Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP)


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