16 nurses pregnant in baby boom at US hospital

A baby boom is brewing at a US hospital where 16 intensive care nurses recently discovered they are all pregnant.

The nurses at Banner Desert Medical Centre in Mesa, outside Phoenix, Arizona, joked that they thought there was something in the water when it became clear they were all expecting babies between October and January.

Nurse Rochelle Sherman, who is nearly eight months pregnant, said: “I don’t think we realised just how many of us were pregnant until we started a Facebook group.”

<figcaption class='imgFCap'>Paige Packard and Allison Thompson hold up baby outfits in Mesa, Arizona (Ross D Franklin/AP)</figcaption>
Paige Packard and Allison Thompson hold up baby outfits in Mesa, Arizona (Ross D Franklin/AP)

Nurse Jolene Garrow joked: “We all formulated this plan to have the holidays off!”

Ms Garrow said that as their pregnancies have progressed, the patients have begun noticing that most of the nurses around them are expecting.

One patient insisted on touching her belly the night before, she said.

Ms Garrow added that their non-pregnant colleagues have been great at helping with patients they should not be exposed to because of conditions or treatments that are potentially dangerous for expectant women, such as tuberculosis or shingles or chemotherapy because of the radiation.

<figcaption class='imgFCap'>Most of the 16 pregnant nurses (Ross D Franklin/AP)</figcaption>
Most of the 16 pregnant nurses (Ross D Franklin/AP)

But Ashley Adkins worried that the other nurses are getting tired of their pregnancy-focused conversations.

“They just roll their eyes!” she laughed. “More baby talk!”

Hospital officials said the Banner medical centre chain has a pool of floating nurses that should ensure shifts are covered when the ICU nursing specialists begin taking their 12-week maternity leave in the autumn.

The nurses said their colleagues are throwing a group baby shower next week.

The hospital gave the women baby clothes reading: “Relax! My mom is a Banner nurse!”

- Press Association

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