120 arrested in Jordan bombings dragnet

Police have arrested at least 120 people, mainly Iraqis and Jordanians, in the nationwide manhunt for those behind the triple Amman hotel bombings, a senior police official said today.

The official had no details on the possible role of any of those detained in connection with Wednesday’s attacks on the Grand Hyatt, Radisson SAS and Days Inn hotel that killed at least 60 people, including three bombers.

“Scores have been rounded up in different parts of the country since the attacks,” said the official.

“They’re of different nationalities, mainly Iraqis and Jordanians. The number of people interrogated now is 120.

“We don’t know if any of them were involved in the attacks or assisted the suicide bombers,” the official said.

"Many may simply be innocent.”

The al-Qaida in Iraq terror group, led by Jordanian-born militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

At least one of the three suicide bombers spoke to people inside the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel with an Iraqi accent before blowing himself up.

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