Xbox confirms Series S compact next-gen console

Microsoft has confirmed what it says is the “smallest Xbox ever” will be launched later this year alongside the next-generation, flagship Xbox Series X.

Following an apparent leak in the US on Monday night, Xbox tweeted the first official image of the compact console to confirm its upcoming arrival.

The gaming giant also confirmed the price of £250 but is yet to release further details on the new device.

The Series S is expected to be a lower-cost alternative to the new Xbox Series X, and unlike the Series X will not feature a disk drive, with users instead downloading content for the system digitally.

Microsoft has said the flagship Series X is the “most powerful” console it has ever made – featuring processing power twice that of the current generation Xbox One X.

Microsoft has previously confirmed the Series X will go on sale in November, with the Series S likely to be released at the same time.

According to reports in the US, that release date will be November 10, but Xbox is yet to confirm any launch dates for either system or the price of the Series X.

The end of 2020 will be a busy year for the video games industry, with fellow gaming giant Sony set to release their own next-generation console – the PlayStation 5 – before the end of the year.