This smart lighting and heating system wants to give your home a brain

A new British-made smart lighting and heating system hopes to make the home more intelligent with the launch of a sensor-led approach that does away with countless hubs.

Many existing smart lighting products require users to replace bulbs with specific internet-connected ones. They also need users to manually tell lighting what to do, either through a smartphone app, where they can set schedules for their lighting, or using voice controls with a smart speaker like Amazon Echo.

Wondrwall’s take on the smart home is centred around the connected light switch, cutting out the need to change light bulbs – but it will need to be installed by an electrician.

The Manchester-based company’s light switch houses 13 different sensors, capable of monitoring everything from sound and temperature to motion and humidity.

These sensors, along with location tracking on your smartphone, allow the lighting and heating system to learn from your habits and act on your behalf.

For example, if you have forgotten to switch the lights off, the sensors will realise when you’re away and switch them all off for you.

The heating system will learn how long it takes for your home to reach the ideal temperature at different times of the day, and will start warming up when it notices that you’re on the way home, without needing to instruct it to warm up yourself. Likewise, if you’re late home, the heating will be delayed.

<figcaption class='imgFCap'>Wondrwall smart home (Wondrwall)</figcaption>
Wondrwall smart home (Wondrwall)

“Our vision of an intelligent home is to give it a brain and the ability to control itself,” said Daniel Burton, founder & chief executive of Wondrwall.

“We’ve never found the idea of having to go to your phone to control isolated parts of your home – for example heating and lighting – to be particularly intelligent.”

The sensors can also act as an alarm, alerting you if the sound of glass being smashed is detected when no one is home, while the company’s smoke detector also makes all the lights flash constantly to alert anyone who may not hear in deep sleep.

The light switches start at £119 each, but base kits consisting of one light switch, one thermostat and two key fobs – ideal for checking-in family members – cost £399.

- Press Association

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