There’s now an app designed purely to share memes and the future is finally here

A meme-only app was released this week, designed specifically for the creation and sharing of new memes.

Memeois looks slightly like Instagram, with a constantly refreshing feed of memes that users can react to, share or edit to make their own version. It’s big selling point is that the feed contains no advertising.

Category choices on the app (Memeois/PA)

For those who prefer curated browsing, users can tag memes according to category. They can even upload their own memes, should they wish.

Anushk Mittal, the 17-year-old founder of Memeois, said he was inspired by the time he spent “escaping to the world of relatable memes to relax and have fun after a stressful day of classes” at Georgia Tech University as a freshman. After realising there was no app for sharing memes specifically, he set about creating his own.

The stickers (Memeois/PA)

To start the app, Mittal had to scour other social media sites such as Reddit, Twitter and Instagram for memes and sort them according to copyrighted images and ones the app could use. It means the app will rely heavily on users uploading their own memes in future to keep new content constantly flowing.

The real value in the app is its cross-platform potential. Users can not only share memes they see on Memeois on other social media platforms, they can also download a Sticker Pack containing memes, gifs and faces to use in iMessage.


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