The lobster emoji has finally been corrected to show it has 10 legs

Unicode has announced it will update the lobster emoji after the first version was missing two legs.

Earlier this month, the Unicode consortium, which designs and releases emojis, showed off a suite of 157 new emoji designs, including the long-awaited lobster.

In an act of startling disrespect to our crustacean friends, or perhaps just an innocent oversight, the lobster was not anatomically correct; it had only eight legs instead of 10.

The lobster now has 10 legs instead of eight (AlexRaths/Getty Images)

Emoji fans took to Twitter to decry the error.

Unicode was quick to act, with chief emoji officer at Emojipedia, Jeremy Burge writing on the site’s blog: “We heard you. We made some mistakes. And we are fixing them.”

So without further ado, behold the brand new, 10-legged emoji lobster.


This wasn’t the only mistake Unicode made in the latest batch of emojis. It also designed a DNA Double Helix which twisted the wrong way. Oops.

The lobster emoji and others will become available throughout 2018.

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