The iPhone 9 was nowhere to be seen at the latest Apple launch, and Twitter is demanding answers

Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X were unveiled on Tuesday, but some people were left feeling a little hurt after something appeared to missing.

The sleek, glass-backed eighth-generation iPhone made waves among the audience at the flashy new Steve Jobs Theatre, as did the 10th anniversary special, the sans-home-button iPhone X, pronounced “ten”.

However, some on Twitter started mourning the iPhone 9, which was nowhere to be seen or heard.

Many felt sorry for the non-existent ninth edition of the smartphone, which appeared to be skipped over in favour of the steel-backed iPhone X, which features an all-glass front and Face ID technology.

It remains to be seen whether iPhone 9 will rise from the ashes at the next launch.

Until then, Apple fans can get hold of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus from September 15, while the iPhone X, starting at £999, will be available to order from October 27.


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