Snapchat’s latest app update has not gone down well with users

Snapchat’s interface update has rolled up to more users overnight and the majority appear to be unsure over the social app’s new direction.

The update, which was first announced by chief executive Evan Spiegel last year, has been steadily rolling out to users since then, with the latest batch receiving it overnight.

According to Snapchat, the redesign has the aim of separating the social and media aspects of social media, with content from friends and family in one place and other content from publishers in another.

As a result, Chats and Stories from friends have moved to the left of the Snapchat camera screen that appears upon opening the app, with Stories from publishers to the right on the new look Discover page.

The change of layout, however, is not sitting well with all Snapchat users.

Some claim they are even contemplating deleting their accounts

Not all users have yet received the update – it remains on a staggered roll-out to the app’s around 187 million users, so those yet to see the change are not being left out – or dodged a bullet depending on perspective.

Snapchat is currently caught up in something of a social media war with Facebook and its range of services, including WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, which have been steadily implementing Snapchat-like features over the last two years.

In response, Snapchat has branched into hardware for the first time with its video-enabled Spectacles, though so far those devices have failed to sell as hoped.

The social app will hope response to the app update settles down, to avoid any further wobbles for the firm.

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