Shadow Of The Colossus wows critics and fans in first reviews

The PlayStation 4 remake of Shadow Of The Colossus has arrived in the UK, with first day players already praising the open world puzzle adventure as a work of art.

Early reviews have praised the game’s art and setting, labelling it the “true definition of a classic” and a “masterpiece”.

Pre-order players who received the game on launch day have also been praising it on social media.

The PlayStation exclusive was originally released in 2005 on the PS2 before being remastered for the PS3 in 2011 as part of a collection with cult hit Ico, which was made by the same studio – Bluepoint Games.

The game sees players take on the role of Wander, a young man who enters the mysterious Forbidden Lands to revive Mono, a maiden said to have a cursed destiny.

To complete his mission, Wander must destroy the 16 colossi hidden across the land by hunting them down and discovering their weaknesses before destroying them.

Single player only and with few other characters to interact with beyond faithful horse Argo, it is also a uniquely solitary experience.

The game’s release is a key launch in a year littered with some huge gaming news.

Far Cry 5 is due to be released at the end of next month, while Rockstar’s latest wild west sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, is due to come out later in the year.

A reboot of the God Of War series, a new Spider-man game and zombie survival title Days Gone are all due in 2018 too.

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