Samsung believes phones could one day read our palms

Samsung has filed a patent application for a palm reading smartphone camera that could be used to help remember a password.

According to the newly published filing, the system would come to life if a user needs help remembering their password by asking them to show their palm to a scanner.

This will read the lines in a user’s hand, and then display hints on a password in the form of incomplete characters. It’s not a full reveal, but a helping hand along the way to remembering a login.

(Martyn Landi/PA)

Such a system offers protection from thieves by not revealing full passwords when a hand is scanned.

It’s worth noting that just because this concept exists it doesn’t mean that Samsung is planning to implement it into its smartphones soon – or at all.

Patent filings don’t necessarily translate to finished products, so suspend excitement over the Galaxy S9 housing this palm scanner for now.

However, it appears a relatively simple technology – facial, iris and fingerprint scanners are all already in play in many of the major smartphones out there.

With security on phones also becoming increasingly prevalent, perhaps a palm-reading phone is not far off.


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