Leather-clad LG G4 announced with heavy camera focus

LG announced the G4, paying particular interest to the handset’s camera. Could this finally be the death of the traditional camera? Probably not, but enjoy seeing improvements in smartphone photography.

The camera will load in just 0.6 seconds, so you’ll only have yourself to blame if you miss a shot. There’s also a dedicated rear key to make it easier to open and snap immediately.

The LG G4’s camera comes with a f1.8 lens and a larger 16 megapixel image sensor, making it one of the best in the business. The lens allows 80 percent more light to hit the image sensor than in the LG G3. LG seems confident in its ability to take excellent pictures in low-light settings.

Selfie fans will be pleased to hear that there’s an 8 megapixel sensor on the front of the G4. Not only that, but it seems destined to be used with selfie sticks thanks to the gesture recognition, which can be used to take a picture.

LG took plenty of opportunities to knock Samsung’s most recent efforts. The camera opens faster, the G4 comes with microSD support, and you can remove the battery. There were plenty of shots fired during the press conference.

Elsewhere, there were fewer surprises thanks to the number of leaks ahead of the announcement. The G4 will utilise a six-core Snapdragon 808 processor rather than the 810 chip used in many phones this year. It will run Android Lollipop with some custom tweaks.

LG did not reveal when the handset will be released. It will be available with a leather back, or a ceramic plastic with a metallic finish. If you go down the plastic route, you can choose from pure Ceramic White with 3D patterns, artisan-forged Metallic Gray and Shiny Gold.

In Short: LG announced its latest flagship, the G4, placing heavy emphasis on its photography capabilities and knocking Samsung whenever it could.

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