Here's Jeff Bezos trying out an enormous robot because billionaires have all the fun

Elon Musk is busy working on getting to Mars, but he’s not the only tech billionaire with a side project, it seems – Jeff Bezos has started piloting robots.

The Amazon boss appeared at the company’s internal robotics convention where potential future tech around automation, robots and space exploration are discussed, and stepped into a giant bot built by Korean firm Hankook Mirae Technology.

The conference, known as MARS, was then treated to a demo of the giant robot, with Bezos at the controls.

There have been questions in the past over the robot Bezos was using, Method-2, its movement capabilities and just how genuine it is. Several reports in the past have alleged video appearing to show the robot walking is not real, and during Bezos’ ride the bot stayed still apart from its arm movements.

But as a glimpse into the possible Amazon warehouse worker of the future it was an eye-opening experience.


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