Google has a new logo - we fear change!

We see the Google logo in its various forms a lot while working online - whether as part of that ubiquitous search bar or on numerous branded services like Gmail, Google Photos and even your YouTube login. Google is everywhere, and now Google looks different...

The tech giant is introducing a new central logo and redesigning all of its brand identity, in the wake of sweeping changes to the internal organisation of the company which is now housed under a parent corporation called Alphabet. And here's a look at logos old and new.

That's quite a change, flattening out those serifs in search of something more streamlined. It definitely looks very different, sleeker and also simpler, but with the same colour scheme used for each letter it retains the googliness which will help people to get used to the new look.

Google also released a video showing how its logo has changed over the years, including quotes from folks like Graham Norton!

You have to love the subtle tilt to the 'e' at the end of the video. It's likely that these changes will start rolling out to users over the next few weeks, and you're going to see an updated design for everything including the voice mic icon, maps, Google+ and more.

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