Watch: This poem will get Waterford fans pumped up for the All-Ireland final

Sunday's All-Ireland final pits Waterford against Galway in a clash that sees both sides looking to end a drought, writes Steve Neville.

Galway haven't tasted success since 1988 while for the Déise, it's been 58 barren years - they last lifted the Liam McCarthy Cup in 1959.

Hurling fans from both counties will be glued to the TV as they hope for glory and they'll be doing everything they can to encourage their teams.

This poem, from Déise man Nicholas Lenane, will certainly get the Waterford fans geared up for the final as it stokes the fires of passion.

The video footage was supplied to Nicholas by drone company Macflymedia.

Nicholas says he wrote the piece before Waterford beat Wexford in the quarter final, something people haven't believed, but he's hoping his prophetic poem will see the Déise lift the cup.

The Waterford teacher hasn't got a ticket for the final yet and he's hoping to pick one up in the coming days. We reckon he deserves one for such a stirring poem.

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By Steve Neville

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