The People’s Elbow is the latest goal celebration in Adebayo Akinfenwa’s locker

Adebayo Akinfenwa might be League Two’s most famous member, with his goals, personality and celebrations making people aware of him at all levels of the game.

The Wycombe Wanderers forward scored a brace for his side in a 3-2 away win at Port Vale at the weekend, but it wasn’t just the goals that grabbed people’s attention.

It was the People’s Elbow that got people talking too.

So much better with the sound effects.

However, as the club Twitter account was keen to point out, that wasn’t the first time Akinfenwa has produced something different after a goal.

Here’s a handy compilation to get you up to speed with the striker’s work.

His two goals were the first of the season for the 35-year-old – what other celebrations might he come up with this year?

Only time will tell.


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