Why Arsenal fans have put one journalist at the centre of the internet’s weirdest memes

Football fans have a troubled and sceptical relationship with transfer speculation, so when they find a source they can trust it’s inevitable for feelings of attachment to blossom.

This is just the case for Arsenal fans and BBC journalist David Ornstein, who has cemented himself as the oracle for Gunners news and just made a rather large announcement.

Ornstein’s claim Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang looks likely to be on his way to North London has the fans understandably excited – and largely due to his past record on Arsenal signings.

“Arsenal fans love Ornstein because he has proven to be reliable,” fan @ArsenalMilGrau_ told the Press Association.

“The supporters would normally be hopeless, but with Ornstein, we believe that there is still good in this world, we believe that one day, Arsenal will achieve greatness again.”

This passion for Ornstein has now manifested itself into some rather brilliant memes in his honour.

“I would love to see his reaction to our tweets,” said another Gunner, @VintageAlex4ndr.

Some of the reaction to Ornstein has also seen him squaring up against a fellow journalist, the Daily Mirror’s John Cross – seen as the BBC man’s adversary in the memes below.

“It’s all a bit of fun and hopefully he sees it one day,” said meme maker @OlivierKGooner.

“It used to just be replying with his name in upper case but it’s evolved into editing his face in as many photos as possible as a joke to show that he’s superior than all other sources like SSN (Sky Sports News) and John Cross.”

Some fans are so bought into the Ornstein memes they’ve even stored up a bank of them ready for him.

“I’m just waiting for Ornstein to tweet so I can release some new ones I made yesterday,” said @ramzino92, whose work can be seen below.


So what do the Gunners fans think about the Aubameyang transfer itself though?

“I’m excited to see how he links up with Mkhitaryan and Özil,” said @OlivierKGooner.

I like it, but I kind of feel it was a panic buy,” said @ArsenalMilGrau_. “Now with Auba, Wenger will probably use him or Lacazette as a winger, which I don’t think is good idea, but I am still curious to see him play.”

(John Walton/EMPICS Sport)

“We are replacing a World Class player with another one,” said @VintageAlex4ndr. “We needed to cover Sanchez’s goals which I think he will.”

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