WATCH: Gareth Bale is better at basketball than we are at anything

Gareth Bale is very good at football – that’s a given. But irritatingly, it turns out the Real Madrid and Wales star is also exceptional at basketball.

Check him out here taking on the NBA Half Court Challenge.

Three out of five – how good is that? The best so far, that’s for sure.

The last one he’s even so confident of he celebrates before it goes in. Until the replay, when he’s a little less confident and has to wait. Hmmm… was this not actually filmed in one take? Has someone massaged the figures?

Anyway, he’s clearly pretty good.

Asked who his dream starting five would be, Miami Heat fan Bale said: “My NBA starting five would be obviously me… Peter Crouch for a nice bit of height in the team, Luka Modric for the playmaker, Yaya Toure for the lungs of the team for the back and forth and Brad Friedel. Brad’s got the safe hands, he’s American, knows the game and he can control everything.”

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