Watch football freestylers join Ronald Koeman to launch quit smoking campaign

Everton manager Ronald Koeman today urged smokers to seek expert help when trying to quit.

He was launching Pfizer’s Kick It with Help – a campaign that harnesses the widespread appeal of football to encourage people to stop smoking.

Working with Koeman and football trick experts the F2 Freestylers, Kick It with Help emphasises the parallels between football and quitting smoking – both which require "motivation, and an expert coach and support team for the best chance of achieving success".

"No one who has achieved success in the world of football has done so without the help of professionals along the way," said Koeman.

"Throughout my career as a player and a manager, I know the importance a good coach makes.

"I am dedicated to coaching my players to ensure they reach their goals and achieve success they deserve. This is also true for those trying to quit smoking and who are stuck in a cycle of quit attempts.

"By enlisting the help of your healthcare professional you can give yourself the best chance of quitting smoking."

Paul Reid, Managing Director, Pfizer Healthcare Ireland, said: "Quitting smoking is one of the best things any smoker can do to look after their health.

"We know that motivated quitters have the best chance of stopping when they have help from a healthcare professional, yet too many struggle alone and fall into a cycle of quitting and relapsing.

"Kick It with Help has an important message that assistance is available for people who want to quit, and I hope it inspires many smokers to seek support from their healthcare professional to quit."

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