Usain Bolt is still holding out for the Manchester United call-up

The world’s fastest man joked that he was looking forward to switching lanes and becoming a Manchester United player.

Speaking at the world premiere of the movie I Am Bolt, Usain Bolt said he is looking forward to Jose Mourinho “giving me a call”.

The nine-times Olympic champion was in good spirits as his closest friends, parents and sports stars paraded down the red carpet at the Leicester Square Odeon, in central London, in support.

Speaking about his plans to retire from the track at next year’s World Championships in London next year, he said: “It’s big. London is a place where I get a lot of love. It’s the right place for me to retire.”

I Am Bolt follows the peaks and the pits of the athlete’s career, from his first race up to his ‘triple triple’ Rio de Janeiro victory. Fans will get a deeper look into the the setbacks behind Bolt’s unrivalled success.

Directors Benjamin Turner and Gabe Turner both relished working with Bolt.

“It was great fun. He was amazing to hang out with – we got to do some amazing things,” said Benjamin Turner.

“We were told very early that if we tried to work with him as a work colleague, it’s not going to fly. It was one of those jobs where we’d say to our wives ‘we’re going to Jamaica to hang out for a couple of weeks’. It was joyous,” said Gabe Turner.

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