Tottenham looking into fan survey asking if ‘a woman’s place is in the home’

General view of the ongoing building works on Tottenham Hotspur's new White Hart Lane stadium. Photo: Adam Davy/PA

Tottenham are understood to be looking into reports of a survey sent to fans in the United States which included a question on whether "a woman's place is in the home".

According to social media posts, Tottenham supporters in America received an email with the subject: 'Calling all US Spurs fans: tell us what you think'.

A screen-grab of the reported email, complete with a club crest at the top, read: "We have an ongoing commitment to learn more about the specific requirements of our loyal fans and everyone who interacts with the club.

"Therefore, we're seeking your help to increase our understanding of what you think about Spurs and football/sport in general."

Spurs fans were then "invited" to complete a survey, which had the wording: "For each of the following statements please indicate how much you agree or disagree..."

One of the statements presented, said to have come towards the end of the survey, read: "A woman's place is in the home". Below were the options "Definitely agree", "Tend to agree", "Neither agree nor disagree", "Tend to disagree" and "Definitely disagree".

Several US-based Spurs supporters claimed they had received the same question while completing the survey.

Press Association Sport understands Tottenham are looking into the matter.

- PA

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