Rovers denied planning permission for new ground

Shamrock Rovers' future is once again in doubt after South Dublin County Council (SDCC) refused an application to extend planning permission for the club’s new home ground in Tallaght.

Planning permission was first granted five years ago, but the SDCC refused permission for the extension as it was unhappy with the club’s application.

Rovers submitted an application insisting that with new investor, racing tycoon Conor Clarkson, on board they could restart work in January with a view to playing their first game there in July.

However, the SDCC were not satisfied as: “The precise nature of the interest, and of the relationship between [Clarkson] and the applicant, Shamrock Rovers Football Club, is not explained.”

Clarkson is in the process of purchasing Mulden International, the company that owns the lease on the 13.3-acre site in Tallaght, but so far has yet to assume full control of the company, which would effectively make him Rovers' landlord in Tallaght.

With no appeal to An Bord Pleanála allowed, the club’s only option is a judicial review. Shamrock Rovers chairman Tony Maguire admitted that: “If that is the only option, we have to do it. There is no alternative.”

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