Prophetic boyfriend’s incredible Henrik Larsson advice wins the Pointless jackpot

By Stephen Barry

Pointless is a quiz show that rewards obscure knowledge, but what if you don’t know much about sport?

Do you try to avoid those questions, bluff them or have a stock answer prepared?

Well, in tonight’s show one boyfriend’s prophetic advice won his girlfriend the £2,250 (€2,600) jackpot in a remarkable fashion.

Having won through to the final round, Tasha and Jo were faced with questions on ‘The Year 2000’, with Euro 2000 goalscorers as one of the categories.

Tasha opted for Henrik Larsson, and was shocked to see the answer was right – and pointless too...

“Basically, my boyfriend Alex is a massive Celtic supporter and he knows I’m rubbish at names and things like that,” explained Tasha.

“So he said, ‘Anything football related – he’s played for Man U, he’s played for Celtic and Barcelona, I think – just go for Henrik Larsson’. And it’s paid off!”

Neither of their other two answers would've won the jackpot, so Alex absolutely deserves a cut of the prize for that!


By Stephen Barry

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