Police called to investigate finances at Hartlepool United

Police are investigating "possible financial irregularities" at Hartlepool United Football Club.

Fans of the former Football League side - now in the fifth tier of the game - have held fundraisers as it struggles with serious financial problems.

Hartlepool United released a statement saying it was the club that called in the police and no-one currently at the club was under investigation.

A Cleveland Police statement said simply: "Enquiries are on-going into possible financial irregularities at Hartlepool Football Club."

The football club also denied it had received a winding-up order from HMRC, but said its liability will be settled on Thursday morning from money raised on the Just Giving site.

The statement said: "This has been made possible by the fantastic fund-raising efforts of Hartlepool United fans and the wider football family."

In relation to the police investigation, the club said: "It should be clear that whilst the club cannot discuss details of the investigation, the reality is that the police are responding to a request by the club and nobody currently involved at Hartlepool United is the subject of any investigation."

The National League side continues to look for a buyer, it said.

The statement said: "Meanwhile our efforts are fully focused on exploring various expressions of interest which, whilst the financial challenges in the short term are obvious, must be subject to a process which protects Hartlepool United for the long term."

- PA

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