Phil Neville’s got Marco Asensio covered after a leg-shaving injury sidelined the Spain midfielder

An injury before a Champions League game is always a nasty surprise for a player, but this time it was fans who were particularly flummoxed by the issue that sidelined Real Madrid starlet Marco Asensio.

The 21-year-old burst on to the world stage earlier this year with a catalogue of superb goals, but he couldn’t play in his team’s Champions League opener after an infection caused by shaving his legs.

The result was a pimple that meant he couldn’t pull his socks up, and thus, a game off for the Spaniard.

Gary Lineker’s never far away with a humorous tweet, is he?

Let’s check in with Roy Keane – surprisingly measured, to be fair.


And while the world of football collectively absorbed the freak injury, Phil Neville was on hand to put things into context.

“99% of people in Spain shave their legs, shave their chest, shave their arms,” said Neville on the BBC’s 5 Live Sport, mentioning that he too had suffered an infection once upon a time.

Having been assistant coach at Valencia, Neville is well qualified to speak on the subject.

You keep doing you, Phil.

You keep doing you.


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