Paul Pogba's dab is being used to help teach Pythagoras' theorem

Teachers aren’t stupid, are they? With the right reference points, any subject can become interesting – and Paul Pogba’s dab has come to this educator’s aid.

A maths teacher in France came up with the idea of using Pogba’s famous celebration to help teach Pythagoras’ theorem.

The question states that Cristiano Ronaldo is jealous of Pogba’s dab, and wants to prove it’s not perfect.

Pythagoras and Pogba: two great thinkers, together at last.

Our days of maths GCSE are far behind us, so we’re not even going to try to answer the question, but it did get the attention of the big man himself – Pogba, not Pythagoras.

Next up, how does Arsene Wenger’s shove on Jose Mourinho explain Isaac Newton’s third law?

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