Oops! Jurgen Klopp broke his glasses when Liverpool won today

Liverpool’s last-minute 5-4 victory against Norwich at Carrow Road isn’t something manager Jurgen Klopp will forget in a hurry.

(Jon Buckle/PA)

Not because of the fact that Klopp’s men had trailed 3-1 with under 30 minutes to go before Adam Lallana and James Milner came in with their finishing blows.

It’s what happened after that.

Yup, that’s right, so joyous was Klopp with this surprise victory that he rushed into the pitch to celebrate with his boys.

(Jon Buckle/PA)

And unfortunately for him, that resulted in his trademark glasses falling off as striker Christian Benteke rushed to hug him in delight.

(Jon Buckle/PA)

And despite conspiracy theories, we’re pretty sure it wasn’t Benteke’s plan to smash his boss’s specs.

Here’s what the man of the moment had to say when asked about his glasses (LOL!).

(Jon Buckle/PA)

Meanwhile, Lallana delighted his fans by going all Ross Poldark and showing off his abs after scoring the winning goal.

( Jon Buckle/PA)

We know Piers Morgan isn’t an LFC fan (Arsenal is his team), but even he was stunned by the Reds’ magnificent performance – and he also had some nice things to say about their gaffer.


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