New English women’s boss, Phil Neville, under fire for historical ’sexist’ tweet

An historical tweet posted by Phil Neville could land the new head coach of the England women’s team in hot water.

The former Manchester United and Everton player was officially appointed as the successor to Mark Sampson by the Football Association on Tuesday.

But the 41-year-old was attracting criticism on social media for a message he posted to his Twitter account back in 2012.

"Morning men couple of hours cricket be4 work sets me up nicely for the day," Neville wrote.

When asked why he only referred to men in his post, Neville replied: "When I said morning men I thought the women would of been busy preparing breakfast/getting kids ready/making the beds-sorry morning women!"

Neville subsequently deleted the post and then appeared to remove his Twitter account, @fizzer18, which was unavailable to users.

Neville, who met the England team at their training camp in Malaga this week, has agreed a deal until the end of the 2021 UEFA Women’s Championship.

The historic tweet has caused much debate on Twitter but the reaction of one user summarises many’s reaction.

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