Jose Mourinho kicked a bottle, was sent to the stands, and Twitter couldn't work out who was to blame

Manchester United drew 1-1 at Old Trafford against West Ham, but the chat during the game was dominated by Jose Mourinho.

The United manager was sent to the stands during the first half having kicked a water bottle in anger.

After United’s disappointing result, these statistics emerged.

Talk turned to whether or not Mourinho is treated fairly by referees – opinions were divided based on support, unsurprisingly.

Some thought it was harsh on Jose.

Others reminded people that Arsene Wenger was sent to the stands, at Old Trafford, for the same thing.

Jake Humphrey couldn’t make head nor tail of it.

Something a bit like this, Jake…

As always, people were able to find plenty of humour in the situation.

Perhaps not one to show Jose just yet.

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