'If Carlsberg did play-off draws' - Fans react to Republic of Ireland drawing Denmark

Republic of Ireland fans have been having their say after The Boys in Green were drawn to against Denmark in a play-off to decide who will make it to World Cup 2018.

The first leg will take place between November 9-11 in Copenhagen, and the Department of Foreign Affairs issued a helpful cheat-sheet infographic about the country - including the encouraging stat that we have beaten them five times, and only lost three.

The overriding emotions on Twitter were joy and relief, with most fans happy to have avoided Italy and Croatia, as well as the less traditionally strong - but highest ranked - Switzerland side.

The consensus seemed to be that the draw, which also sees Ireland playing the second leg at home in Dublin, was about the best we could have hoped for, on paper at least.

Some fans seemed to be celebrating before a ball has been kicked.

Slowly the reality of having to actually go out and beat a team seven places above us in the FIFA rankings started to dawn for many. Reactions ranged from the cautious…

... to the cynical ...

...to the downright fatalistic.

Others favoured Denmark, albeit for more curious reasons.

Finally, they were those who, it's fair to say, were pretty unenthusiastic about the whole thing.


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