Football fans display solidarity after bridge vandalism

Yesterday, we brought you the story of the vandalism to the Liam Whelan memorial bridge in Phibsborough, and the dedicated supporters of local football club Bohemians who cleaned the bridge by hand out of respect.

This morning, locals strolling past the now-cleaned bridge were met with the sight of football jerseys from a large number of teams, hung in solidarity.

Pic: Colm Humphries (@chiller1984) on Twitter

Fair play.

The original damage saw the plaque on the bridge spray-painted over with red paint, and the words "Munich bastard" written across the stone, alongside initials "LFC" above.

Bohemians, the local football club behind the bridge cleanup, noted the graffiti was particularly hurtful as members of Whelan's family still live in the area.

By Dave Molloy

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