Football fans are mourning the loss of the early World Cup kick-off

The World Cup is just 12 days old, but the loss of the early kick-off had many mourning the end of what is possibly the best bit of the tournament.

Most of the first 11 World Cup days boasted three group games each which, for many, made for an even spread of football throughout, with those in Ireland getting a 1pm kick-off, a 4pm kick-off and a 7pm kick-off most days.

And while the final round of group games sees four games take place each day, two of those kick off at 3pm and the other two do so at 7pm.

England’s 6-1 defeat of Panama was the final 1pm kick-off, with all knockout games set to take place at 3pm or 7pm and the final starting at 4pm.

So while there’s plenty of football to come, there’ll be no more lunchtime football for fans here.

No more eating your lunch in front of Sweden v South Korea.

No more Portugal v Morocco halfway through the day.

And as for taking in Denmark v Australia at midday, you can forget about it.

- Press Association

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