Fifa 18 review: Does the latest instalment live up to the hype?

Fifa 18 is officially on sale and the excitement among fans is as real as it usually is.

Purchasing the game is a foregone conclusion each year for some people, but if you’re unsure on this year’s offering or are maybe even new to the franchise, here are the takeaways.

What’s the story?

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Before its release EA described the new player motion technology as “the biggest step in gameplay in franchise history” – and while it is immediately obvious with some players that their running style has been accurately modelled from real life, it’s not the game’s most eye-catching feature.

Fifa 18 uses EA’s Frostbite Engine, which has traditionally been used in first-person shooters to offer improved animation and heavily detailed environments, for the second time – and it’s a roaring success.

Crowd reaction now appears entirely natural, with some fans spilling out of their seats and towards the advertising hoardings when a player scores, some fans interacting with players, and all of their appearances differing vastly.

Fifa crowds haven’t kept up with the development of the rest of the game for some time, so although it may sound minor it feels like a big change.

Marks out of five


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Fifa is so consistently good it’s perhaps judged by a standard that makes it difficult to give a five. For that to happen, EA would have to do something truly remarkable, and while there are a number of good additions and changes to Fifa 18, remarkable it’s not.

But, however you like to play, whether it’s online, with your friends, in career mode or The Journey, Fifa 18 will provide the excitement and entertainment you’ve come to expect. 4/5


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