A Bundesliga 2 goalie conceded a goal so bizarre even Petr Cech couldn’t believe it

Duisburg’s goalkeeper made one of the worst gaffes in goalkeeping history during his side’s Bundesliga 2 game against Ingolstadt.

Mark Flekken appeared to have been completely caught out by an attack from the away side, so much so that he only seemed aware of the goal once the scorer was wheeling away to celebrate.

You had one job…

With many on social media suggesting the goalie had gone for a drink, Flekken was yards inside his own goal when an Ingolstadt player prodded the ball over the line.

Fortunately for the goalie, his team went on to win 2-1. That said, the gaffe is proving something of a talking point, with Arsenal goalie Petr Cech baffled by the incident.

Unbelievable scenes.

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